Rick Fine – Founder/Chairman/CEO

Rick Fine is a tenacious entrepreneur and deal-maker, with extensive experience in large projects, utilizing 32 years experience owning and operating many companies. Rick has participated in Sleeping Donkey deals for his entire career. He came up with the concept of this economic ecosystem 23 years ago, and finally the market is ready for Sleeping Donkey.

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Will Spagnoli – CoFounder/CTO

Will Spagnoli incorporated first company at the age of 16, beginning with enterprise software development as a self-taught programmer. He formed third company and completed extensive training in lean six sigma process management by the age of 18. By the age of 20, he became established in the government construction and military contracting industries, acquiring several six and seven-figure contracts early in his entrepreneurial career. He is experienced in business development, corporate finance, software development, startups, and corporate strategy. 

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Michael Leventhal –

Chief Legal Counsel

Michael Leventhal specializes in providing corporate, intellectual property, and business transactional services for media/entertainment and technology companies, as well as strategic guidance for clients navigating the tech and finance worlds. Working with entrepreneurs and visionaries at all stages of development has long been one of Michael’s passions. Recently, Michael served as chief legal officer and vice president at Magic Leap, Inc., the well-known augmented/mixed reality venture.

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Ken Fish – CFO

Ken is a CFO with over 30 years of experience in companies ranging from Fortune 500 to startups. He has run all areas of financial operations, including corporate strategy, forecasting and analysis, budgeting and accounting, and corporate finance and treasury. He is also a seasoned dealmaker in both the strategic “buy-side” and private equity spheres with over $50 billion in closed transactions to his credit.

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Miah Farrin – Director of Social Media

Miah Farrin is a graduate from Georgia State University with a background in global studies and international trade/communications. She traveled to Berlin, Germany to conduct her studies on politics, trade and communication. Upon her return to the United States, with a greater skillset in business administration, communication, and international affairs, she accepted a position with Phalanx Capital where she assisted the team in due diligence for future investments, further encouraging her pursuit of public relation and marketing within Sleeping Donkey.

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Corey Spagnoli  Advisor

Corey is a seasoned executive with 25+ years of hands-on experience in IT.  He has worked in and led technical teams across technical functions- from architecture through deployment and operations.  Corey has deep experience in well-known Fortune 500 companies, including Fiserv, NCR, Equifax, Accenture and Avaya.  He also has significant company startup expertise, having provided leadership to over a dozen startups- from concept through funding and operations.  

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