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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If I’m posting something I have, how do I know what percentage business that it’s worth?

Answer: Sleeping Donkey cannot currently advise deal valuations. It is the shared responsibility between you and the other party to negotiate a mutually acceptable arrangement. A Sleeping Donkey deal valuation software is currently under production, and we hope to have it available for use soon!

What if I can’t make an agreement to negotiate a percentage for what I have? Could I sell it?

Answer: The pure intent of Sleeping Donkey is to trade for ownership. However, if that doesn’t work out, the parties may agree to a buy/sell or even barter.

What if I’m interested in posting my skill, but I can’t do a 100 percent trade? For example, I’m a graduate architect student and would like to trade my training for a small piece of a real estate development company, but I need at least a minimum wage?

Answer: Just post your situation as you like. For example, you could post that you need $7.00 per hour; however, you are willing to trade the balance of your compensation.

If I’m trying to put together a new company, should I just post the major things that I need?

Answer: However you like. Keep in mind, though, that even though you may think a particular piece is too small the person that has it may be quite willing to do a trade for some small ownership.

If I’m posting for something I need, does it have to be for creating a new business?

Answer: No, it could be for expanding an already existing business or creating a new division or subsidiary. There are no limits to what types of business deals you can create through Sleeping Donkey!

How can I use this platform if I don’t think I really have anything or need anything for a business?

Answer: This may be the most exciting! You can be a true entrepreneur and use the site to match all different combinations of haves and needs to create entire new businesses!