Our Story

This digital platform is utterly unique, as people have created all kinds of new enterprise by just asking people who they know, who had things or talents that they needed to form a new business or grow an existing business. The platform facilitates that partnership through a number of categories, so the people that have assets, whether they be physical or sweat equity in nature, can find each other and trade for equity and/or profit to create these new enterprises.


In fact, Rick Fine, creator and cofounder of the Sleeping Donkey platform, has been doing these kinds of trade for equity deals throughout his entire business career; just using the general network of people he knew to find equipment, buildings, and talent in order to create various partnerships to facilitate his business, all the while wishing there was a much easier way to do exactly that.


Ironically, the platform itself was also created in the old fashion way, by finding a group that could come together with everybody contributing their talents to build the platform with no capital.


What is Sleeping Donkey?

Sleeping Donkey is an entrepreneurial platform. The Sleeping Donkey represents sleeping capital. It’s not like amazon, craigslist, or a barter site.
Sleeping Donkey allows for people to post What They Have (assets or services) to trade for ownership and/or profit in companies. Conversely, it allows for either the creation or expansion of new businesses by allowing users to post What They Need in exchange for equity and/or profit.

If you want to post What You Have, you can post things or skills. You may have lumber, material, or maybe even trucks/ forklifts. You could have equipment or real estate. You may be a computer engineer, accountant, architect, or welder. No matter what it is, there is a place for it on Sleeping Donkey.

If someone is interested in your post, they can contact you directly through the site, allowing you to negotiate a trade of what you Have (asset) in exchange of ownership (equity) and/or profit in their business.

If you want to create a new business, or expand your business, you will be able to post What You Need. For example, if you wanted to start an aluminum recycling business, you may need a 20,000 square foot building, a furnace, forklifts, trucks, and, perhaps, a chemist. Sleeping Donkey will allow for transactions, deals, and partnerships to be made in the absence of capital.

Furthermore, entrepreneurs may also view Sleeping Donkey from a completely different angle. Maybe you don’t have any specific business in mind that you want to create. However, this site allows a collection of assets and services (sweat equity) to be listed in one place. For example, John goes on to the platform to look at recent posts. After browsing, he sees a post for a thousand head of cattle in Nebraska, a slaughterhouse in North Dakota, and a labeling and packaging plant in San Francisco. If John can effectively work with these three “Posters”, he can successfully enter the beef business. With creativity and determination, someone could potentially see an infinite amount of deals just waiting to be made!

Sleeping Donkey possesses another unique aspect that makes it very universal. The construction of the site allows it to be used from the simplest transactions to massive projects. For instance, a boy named Chris could post an old truck he owns. Another boy, Tim, has a lawn mower but no way to move it to other customers’ yards. Tim reads Chris’s post and they exchange messages to start a lawn-mowing business.

In contrast, an enormous manufacturing plant that was shut down could be viewed on Sleeping Donkey, and an entrepreneur could make a proposal to transport the shuttered plant overseas for substantial ownership in a new plant in Spain. The site truly has no limits on scope, which makes it excellent for any type of business use.

Entrepreneurs have been doing cooperative deals for centuries. Sleeping Donkey is the first time that a platform has been able to act as a clearing house and facilitator to bring the parties together.

Everybody has a Sleeping Donkey. What’s yours?
Wake him up!